design portfolio

In which I showcase some of my design projects from the past few years.

itp logo (october 2016)

My first freelance graphic design project was to design a logo for an international tax practice, ITP. I went through many iterations before coming up with this one. Ultimately, this is the logo the practice picked.

the watterhörn (april 2016)

This is one of my favorite projects made for my Prototyping class. The assignment was to create a water bottle in the shape of my own choosing, and create a digital prototype. I decided to make a water bottle in the shape of a drinking horn, with a removable bottom for easy cleaning and filling. With that in mind, I adopted a Viking theme for my water bottle, and the subsequent water-drinking app I would design for the project. 

cocozy hot chocolate (march 2016)

This was a type-based logo project, where I designed a brand of hot chocolate called Cocozy. To make the type, I used thick red yarn that I bent into the shapes of the letters and scanned them in. When I think of hot chocolate, I think of cold snowy days, and sitting by a fire in a ski lodge. (The fact that I've never been skiing is beside the point.) So, as a package design, I decided to make a "log cabin" theme, with a cup of hot chocolate "waiting" for the consumer inside the flap.

fantasy map (october 2015)

This map was not an assignment. It began as a sketch in my architecture class when I was studying abroad. I then scanned it, and made a more jagged shoreline around the edges of the continents. After that, I found cartography photoshop brushes, and gave the landscape some body. The map is for one of my novel projects, a YA fantasy.

rewriting history (february 2015)

This project was a lot of fun. The assignment was to take a photograph of yourself and edit it as seamlessly as possible into a historical photograph. I had my roommate take a picture of me sitting in a chair holding a book, and Photoshopped myself into an old-timey cafe. I did my best to recreate the light smudge over my face, and the dust speckles. It was a fun experiment in precision.