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I have been writing for much of my life, and have given my friends feedback on their creative works since high school. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing from Miami University (Ohio).

When it comes to editing, I want to help others make their writing the best it can be. I am attentive to spelling, grammar, tense, and continuity. Regarding fiction, I get very attached to fictional characters, so I am good at recognizing character arcs. I am also good at developing plot (and plot twists!). Samples of my own writing can be found here.

Since I'm just getting started in the world of freelance editing, I'm not going to charge anything for a while. I'm happy to critique query letters, pitches, chapters/samples, synopses, and, in a few weeks, manuscripts.

Regarding turnaround times, I do have a full-time job. Therefore, depending on the length of the project, I will do my best to get it back to you with my feedback as soon as possible.

If you're interested in a consultation/critique, please fill out the form below or on my "contact" page.

Thanks! Message sent.

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